Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF PRO-2100 24" 12 Colour Photographic Large Format Printer

Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF PRO-2100 24" 12 Colour Photographic Large Format Printer

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In the world of professional printing, precision, color accuracy, and stunning output are non-negotiable. For photographers, designers, and artists, achieving impeccable large format prints is a constant pursuit. That's where the Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF PRO-2100 steps in—a 24-inch, 12-color photographic large format printer that sets new standards in quality and reliability.

The Canon iPF PRO-2100 is a testament to Canon's commitment to excellence in imaging technology. With its impressive color gamut and cutting-edge features, it's the ideal choice for those who demand the very best in large format printing. Whether you're a photographer looking to bring your images to life or a graphic designer working on intricate visual projects, this printer is your trusted companion.

The Features That Make the Canon iPF PRO-2100 Shine:

  1. 12-Color Printing: The Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF PRO-2100 boasts a 12-color Lucia Pro ink system that delivers exceptional color accuracy and depth. This wide color gamut ensures your prints capture the subtlest nuances of your images.

  2. Stunning Image Quality: With a maximum resolution of 2400 x 1200 dpi, this printer ensures your prints are as detailed and sharp as your original digital files. Fine art photographers and professionals will appreciate the meticulous image reproduction.

  3. Large 24-Inch Format: The 24-inch print width opens doors to a world of possibilities. From intricate photographic prints to detailed design work, this printer accommodates a variety of projects.

  4. Advanced Connectivity: The Canon iPF PRO-2100 comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with various cloud services, making it easier than ever to send your print jobs to the printer.

  5. Reliability and Durability: Canon is known for its dependable imaging products, and the iPF PRO-2100 is no exception. Its robust build and consistent performance ensure your prints come out as expected, every time.

Where to Find the Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF PRO-2100:

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