Braille Sign Supplies purchase Mutoh 1462UF

Braille Sign Supplies purchase Mutoh 1462UF

Posted by Tyson Buechler on

Braille Sign Supplies have always been early adaptors of the latest and best technologies available for producing high-quality Braille & Tactile Signage.

When General Manager Pamlea Dorward received information and samples on the Mutoh 1462UF UV-LED Flatbed Printer, Pamela could immediately see the benefits & advantages the printer could provide.

Increasing production speed, turnaround and overall firepower has always been a priority but the quality and running costs were also too good to ignore over their aging technology. No time was wasted in purchasing the recently released Mutoh 1462UF printer to ensure Braille Sign Supplies became one of the very first to install the printer in Australia.

We look forward to working with the team at Braille Sign Supplies and thank them for trusting & partnering with Total Image Supplies & Mutoh.

Mutoh XpertJet 1462UF UV LED Flatbed Printer